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  • The grip is a wierd one when I first saw it I didn't know what to think but turns out to be really comfortable. You don't need to do anything to the board as it works fine with the mq2 (the boad is possibly the best thing about the whole marker) the only thing you need to do is sand down the bolt pin a couple of mm otherwise it catches on the pilot.
    alright mate whats yours postcode and name and number so i can contact you when im in surrey pm me
    cant get hold of you via pm or replying on the invert mini post mate... just wondering what you are doing about the paintball marker? I was getting a little concerned at first as I haven't heard from you since monday... give me a message back and your phone number mate so we can get it all sorted... I see on paypal that your address aint too far so I may be able to come and collect?

    Cheers mate
    From top to bottom:
    Ball tube (where the balls are loaded)
    Barrel and bolt tube (where the balls are pumped into and shot from)
    12gram and internals (where the 12grams are loaded and where the internals are)
    From the back to the front and top tube to the bottem tube, respectively.
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