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  • Hi, cheers for you post on the new guy thread, I'll try to head down soon to meet everyone and play some sup'air. By the way, did Apocalypse used to have a team, going by the same name who played some tourneys at Diablo Paintball in maidenhead? This would have been about a decade ago mind...


    Paypal addy is the_odd_one_4_ever@hotmail.com give me a text on 07825134455 when paid and I'll text you the reference number and parcel thanks :)
    not sure if this is Pm is i dont often go on this site but it is advisable if you give me a bell as i have great rates for your team as an entry to F5
    They are already in the group and to add more its just below the members on the dark blue bar on the left ?
    Yes mate, been good... Just been working my nuts off.. How have you been?
    I have got a new number, i will send you it through pm...

    Cheers buddy, speak soon
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