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  • Love you man!!!!! Heard about your insane and amazing triathlon feat, seriously that is something I'm in awe of, YOU tha man!! I thought I was amazing for managing to plkay x-ball again this weekend...was all good once the asthma attacks had subsided.
    Yeah you can call me a fag or you can ring me on the phone either one works............. Will PM you my address you are the mean no matter what anyone else says :)
    Hey Al,

    good to hear from you....unfortuneatly not the PA is run by Russ and Jon Payne so if you contact JCS i am sure you will be able to book your team in there if you have no joy then you can play my 5 man event at Ancaster which is on the same date.

    Call me if you want in....07849 108 947.

    UK Masters
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