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    Looking for a t9.1, any configuration.
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    MagFed walk-on around London/Midlands

    Some of our team live in London and travel to splatoon paintball in Essex. £20 for the day 500 paintballs and lunch. There's also mayhem in Essex but it's pricier at £35. There may be an event starting soon in reading and another in heathfueld Sussex but I don't have the details yet.
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    Invicta Vikings magfed team

    Invicta Vikings was born in this very forum and we are looking to recruit more. We started out with just 3 of us and we now have 6. For now we want to recruit 4 more players taking us up to 10 so we can train together by playing 5vs5. We play at magfed walkons in Essex but are hoping to a...
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    Sold - Tippman TPX Pistol and Rotor

    Still have the tipx ?
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    Potential magfed team

    Most excellent, I'll send you a PM and we can go from there.
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    Potential magfed team

    Cheers, I'll see if I can get hold of him. I have no clue about Instagram and other various social media platforms but I'll give it a go for the sake of paintball
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    Potential magfed team

    Are you looking for a magfed team? We may well be looking for you! My friend Tom and I have been playing paintball for a few years now and have converted to magfed for the last year. We play magfed walkons whenever we can but the timing doesn't work out as much as we'd like. We also get...
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    Milsig SMG - SOLD

    Milsig SMG. Comes with the foregrip and double mag. can throw loads of extras in if needed such as tempest drum mag, zeta mags, single and dual remote lines, playing gear. obviously not all for free, open to negotiation.