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    Ever wondered what happens when your bottle gets tested?!

    It was really interesting to go and see. The way they get made is a good watch too Here youtube
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    Ever wondered what happens when your bottle gets tested?!

    As p8ntballers, we put a lot of faith in our equipment. we throw ourselves into bunkers or trees and dive over lanes of paint / through bushes with little regard to the effect it has on our equipment. a lot of the time, we will just assume that its going to work out OK on the other side. I...
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    Best footwear? And what happened to Dye ATCs

    still astro boots / cleats on the supair, and maybe tougher boots in the woods. nothing much came of purpose built cleats,,,, as they were no different to football kit really
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    Woodland Events - A flash in the pan ? ..... [Poll Test]

    I hit post too slowly :p I don't know that money is maybe what I mean, could winning an event get you into the next for free? ... could winning the season get you a wildcard spot playing in Europe? .............. Where are teams going that start up around woodland events? are they going on...
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    Woodland Events - A flash in the pan ? ..... [Poll Test]

    In which case, your target market can never be that top percentile of teams, as they will look to find an event which offers them the best pay out. That said, ukwm is a sell out event in sept... so clearly there is interest (or no real competitive alternative / not enough spaces) out there.
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    Woodland Events - A flash in the pan ? ..... [Poll Test]

    woodland events offer a much nicer introduction to a competitive format for sure, the glory footage from xball formats is always players getting smashed to pieces on a run through or launching themselves through the air during a dive... whilst this looks exciting, and certainly shows off some of...
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    South West Paintball

    skirmish cribbs might be worth a look, I know Entity were based out of there in the past.
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    South West Paintball

    How west is south west for you? in Dorset there are the panthers who mostly play out of skirmish, in Southampton there are the reapers, who are based at paintball south, also Riptide are around Hampshire.
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    Selling up

    £70 posted for the demon? or 110 with rotor?
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    2(3?) guys looking for team - CPPS Sept event - D3/4, possibly lower

    up to 3 of us in total now :D
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    Gossip, scandal, bragging rites and all that Jazz ....

    pretty sure billy was playing, and he had a youngster with him who looked pretty good. when grouped with Joy, are you not fighting for 2nd place anyway? although I can't say I know who makes up the mayhem tigers team (assuming its not the re-formed London tigers squad)
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    Gossip, scandal, bragging rites and all that Jazz ....

    Interesting to see the largest points difference in the top division, where you might expect the smallest difference.. was that all down to the free win each of the other divisions were given to fit the format? Top scores from the Rushers, did they show the same young blood that was out at the...
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    The "Kill-House" - CQB Magfed Paintball

    looks seriously close!! also looks like your teammates did sweet FA and just let you take the pain for the whole game
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    Good youtube channels of uk ballers.

    Been watching some of this channel they often have a decent amount of footage up of a field that is about to become cpps, so if you cant get to train on that field, at least you can see some of how it might play. OFC Nicky has his channel...
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    Marker £250 new and used woodland help .

    if you wanted new you could look at eclipse etha / proto rize, as for second hand, that budget should get you something alright for what you want, the best supported markers over here at the moment are the planet eclipse ones, so something like a geo of some description would work well for you...