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    Looking for a walk-on team to join down south

    As above, both of the local sites to Southampton have great walk on attendance and a friendly atmosphere.
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    Baller Workout Plan

    Fitness is really a sliding scale, so there won't be a one size fits all approach to it. But with that said, you really need to set a goal to make a difference to your own "fitness" for paintball. That might be something as simple as "I want to lose 5 kilos so that I can get up and going...
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    JT flex straps and lenses

    UKWM might have some of their custom straps left. they are really nice. Search them on Facebook or @James ECI on here
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    2(3?) guys looking for team - CPPS Sept event - D3/4, possibly lower

    You are 100% correct there. still both based around Bournemouth / Southampton.
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    London based newbie
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    London based newbie

    Bricket wood is a good place to start if you are north ldn. plenty of teams with london in the name.
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    Help Needed!!!

    the o-rings might look fine but they are probably still worn. try replacing the ones that make the seal at the back and also the larger ones that make the seal between the bolt and the body. honestly i'm amazed you have one that still works at all... mine has been in the box for so long since...
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    Fields/events in borders or north England

    team called plumlife edinburgh that she plays on... Team-gb paintball facebook page just posted about her... maybe worth getting in touch on there
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    Fields/events in borders or north England

    Think one of the lionesses (GB Ladies) is from scotland? In terms of shops, you still have super5ives, bz, just paintball, warped, planet themselves. lots of people travel quite far to go and play at CPPS which is the central UK paintball tournament, so it might be worth trying to find out if...
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    UKWM 2019 - Round 3 - Post Event

    You wouldn't believe there were 20 teams on 2 fields, for 8 minute games. The turnaround on games was so seamless. Had a lot of fun playing and watching.
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    Rotor upgrades

    Shame, I feel like I would break a spire in about 3 games.... I like the rotor because I can fall over it and it puts up with me... Insert montage of core sample style superman dives
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    Rotor upgrades

    Had my first experience of them jamming this weekend. Wondered if there was a magic pill
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    Rotor upgrades

    Anyone know which parts will fit which rotors?? I have 2 of the original ones and wondered if the squishy paddle upgrades make any difference / fit. Assuming any of the ltr parts will just drop straight in? Thanks in advanced
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    Looking for a walk-on team to join down south

    no need to find anyone to join a "team" with, they will put you in with people on the day. best thing you can do is just join the facebook group, make a post to say hi, and meet people when you get there :)
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    Looking for a walk-on team to join down south

    Sometimes, although I am personally more into supair, which is available at paintball south, so I will tend to go there more often. Making the journey to one4one next weekend hopefully to use the supair site there (East grinstead) Yeah I know where ya mean