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  • Hey do you have a copy of HyperDrive PB Board's Manual on .pdf or something that you could email me please?? I can't find mine anywhere and I've been searching the web for an hour and can't find anything. Please can you help a brotha out? Thanks ~Matt~
    oryt m8 a few peoples told me u could help with some stuff to do with a shocker nxt its the 2 solenoid inserts i can not find anywhere on the internet to tell me how far i gotta screw them in because i had to buy a new pair coz i rounded one while i turned it.
    thx bud
    no probs fella, worth a shot dont suppose you can think of anyone else?
    alright fella, what you upto onto sunday? o you fancy reffing, its just wendy wants me to ref but i want to play lol, so if i find a ref i cn pla.

    what do ou say fella?

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