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  • I got it from task force, but they're really not friendly :/
    and delta force said they wont touch any bottle thats dammaged!
    and i just need to pop to some place that prints so i can get the manual printed!
    but the ego and the hopper look sexie together, just need to get the bottle fixed then i can start looking for a team :]

    Do you know anything about the super5ives?
    I'm scenario. Started off in the woods, seen and played a little A-Ball but still prefer the woods!

    Can't believe Delta Force sent you elsewhere.......I thought you brought it from them new?? They should replace it!

    Hows the Ego? Did you get the manual link I posted?
    I didn't i went to my local delta force, they said go to 'Remar' in caephilly (about 20odd miles away) phoned Remar up and they said get down there for this saturday, before 1... its like urgh ¬¬
    but if i cant get it sorted ima buy a new one because i really wanna start playing in a team, but im not sure what i prefur whether its scenario or speedball?
    Yeah, I remember the hassle trying to get Coca Cola tickets for the leeds game back in the 90's.

    Sometimes it's who you know that matters! You could be in with a chance though. They always seem to hold some back.

    I'm not too bad mate. Did you get your bottle sorted last week?
    haha, I dont blame you, tomorrow is the time I'm getting slammed, not aloud to drink because I'm in work Monday till Friday -_-

    mind, tickets are gona be really if not im possible to get, the tickets for my part come out on the 22nd, when they first come out for gold members on the 7th!
    just maybe!

    hows life treating you Fella? :)
    HaHa - I had a feeling I might be hearing off you!! Lol

    It was a good game, I was in the pub (and had a few too many) so I'm struggling a little this morning
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