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  • Hey Dude how's it going?
    I have Gabriel Escarnot's facebook cos I got his jersey off him haha!! I could ask him about this french team, seeing as he is also a french person and plays paintball
    Good luck getting your shizzle back :)
    Hi Mate thanks for helping out guiding from the sidelines , Its good 2 have someone tell me Im doing something right rather than what Im doing wrong for a change , and I really dont mind being called hedghog :D
    hello fella... i have ordered a slg ul09 with white rotor and a 68 dye 4500 tank is this a good set up or do you surgest something different..

    also any tip for getting into a team
    mate its me from your driving cardre (lewis). just letting you no i'm on the scene and just wanted wots the best kit to get???
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