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  • Hiya Bluey,
    After some advice from ya f you don't mind. I picked up the PM07 but when I went to test fire it there is air coming from the airport, don't sapose you have any ideas? I have replaced the hose and put an o-ring in place( there weren't one there before.

    hi mate i hope you dont mind me sending you a message i have a problem with my G6R i think you do have one or have had one , i am trying to find the sweet spot but still finding problems get there i think i have found the sweet spot LP80 HP 150


    Don't forget to get those pants from me on Sunday!
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    Care Bears Marquee will be slap centre of the staging area according to Ainsley, Thanks for Not forgetting mate.
    fair dinkum mate :) I could get a fake tan and call me self bruce if you like mate, even it up abit if you come up short of any diggers. :)
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