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  • Alright bud, might be in the market for a new body for the 68 mag I picked up, can you get pics of the 2 bodies in your box of parts please?

    can send them to john.strathearn@gmail.com

    Hi mate. I've been told your the owner of my old Karnivore pro edition... Do you have it? Do you want to sell it if so?
    Hello Fella, I don`t know why but I can`t seem to make any posts on forum, even in Conversations ? I can see everything but just can`t Post, Anyway, If Onasilverbike don`t want the Yellow Mask ? may I be the first in line to buy from you. I need these for Marshalling at my site, Thanks in advance >> Bluey,
    I`ll be at CPPS this Sunday if it helps ?
    phone number = 07876730185 to Text please.
    Hi Cheyenne
    I understand that you are able to source markers, if so, I have a friend who is after an ego 11.
    Can you help?
    If you could let me know either way it would be appreciated.
    hi, i saw on a thread u may have an ego 8 ur looking to get rid of? can u drop me a pm about it please :)
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