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  • my phone number is 07507534237 if you want to give me a call or give me your number and ill call you and sort out collection
    i got a bunch when i bought the second one from the guy. only good thing abotu buying that one. oring monkey has the kits thou. or gog in the states said they had them as well.
    that crap one i bought leeaked there as well as other places. i just took the bolts out the body, slit it, dropped all new orings, relubed, and slapped it back to gether. the screw needed to be pretty tight not to leak.
    my impy is gone, sorry mate. since i thought i was moveing someone offered my asking price and i sold it. now that i am staying, i miss it. did you try talking to that guy in the states i gave you his email? i dont think i still have the info. they helped me alot. where is it leaking from? i might be able to sort it. i got pretty good with them after i bought that second one and it arrived a mess. sorted all it leaks before parting it.
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