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  • im at lampeter uni.where u thinking about goin? we goin to try get it off work but couple of people have holidays so migh not be able to get it off :-(
    yeah he wel wimped out didnt he lol. im sure he will be fine next time we come hopfully we will have 4 down next time and then 5 after that as people come back to uni.wel if me and joe can get time off work on sunday we can come and pot up for you save u some time
    wel we got 6 but not all of them are avalible at the mo but hopefully we can get 7-8 so we have a good solid team. the more we pratice with u guys befor the start of next season the better we will be i think. was good laugh meeting all you guys as wel. what possition are u in at the mo in cps?
    ok pal think we might be down to cps but will have to wait and see what work say but if not will be there next training session for sure
    yeah i have mate wanted £20 to start with cause i not seen many about but seeinf as its u how bout £14?
    alrite think i talked to u on the phone at task force the other day about coming on a walk on ! anyway i order the mask it will arrive thursday so im good to come down dont want to spend much £££'s cos i want to get a angel kit from lips to get me started anyway my names geraint so er message back if i got the right man n stuff !!! nice one !!
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