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  • We shall be camping on the Saturday night. Sunday is the big day really, Sat is a chance for mini games, trade shows and drinking!
    I use a BT 7 and BT TM15 currently plus a T8 pistol!
    Both days eh? Not sure if I'll be able to swing that, but I'll see. Can you do just one day or is it not a done thing? It's paint not airsoft yeh? Speaking of which, what kind of markers do you guys use? I'm still trying to get my head around them all. If I do both days, where do you guys normally crash overnight?
    I just checked that and to Knebworthit's heaps cheaper and doesn't go up. Nice. Let me know what time and I'll book a ticket when I get back on the 5th/6th. You do realise I've never played on a sup air field before and never played a tourney? I've only played casual games so far haha. Sure I own those dudes but they're usually pretty average anyway so I can't take too much credit there :p

    I'll probably be offline for a bit from here on in. Text me 07787080258 if there is anything important you need to know, but who knows if I'll have flying out in a few hours.
    Ah, no I was talking about Yorkshire. You'll be in Yorkshire on the 11th/12th right? I can do that. I don't know about the 25th, but I'll check. I may be taking the gf for a weekend away for her B'day, but otherwise you can count me in. Kit-wise I'd pretty much need all but a mask haha. Pants would be a plus but a top I can just deal with a long sleeve top. It's more the marker/gas/hopper combo i'm without.

    Let me know what you think about Yorkshire. I won't go if you're not there, but if you're going I'll organise myself to get up there.
    Sounds like a plan mate. Where exactly is it (postcode, URL?)? The sooner i book tickets the cheaper it will be. And which day would be the safer option to make sure you and your boys are there? I should probably book tickets today if I'm gonna go as a walk in fare will cost me too much for it to be worthwhile.
    Sweet man good luck. I'll look into getting up to Apoc. If you've got gear I can borrow it might actually be worth the train trip. As for the 12th I'll look those up. You going there?
    I am mate, I am indeed, thanks for asking haha.
    Yeh I haven't had a chance to play in a while and even less money to consider buying a marker with! I've only been able to use my goggles once since I bought them for **** sake! Summer has been hectic.
    I'm off to Greece for 10 days next week but I'm up for a game first week back (the weekend beginning Sat 11th Sept). You got any plans? If not I might just play locally with some mates, but let me know I'd be interested for sure.
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