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  • No worries.

    I did play at Tower. It's good fun for a bit of messing around, but I really want to get out on a bigger field.

    There's nothing quite like moving house. I think the only upside is that you tend to chuck out stuff you've been hording. Otherwise It's a pretty crappy experience :p
    Hey dude. Thanks for the checkup haha. I can't do this sat, I've actually got a game at a London venue. Some mates wanted to go and I didn't want to drag them all the way north and I couldn't hold out any longer. I'm itching and on top of that I made my first purchase last week and got myself some Dye i4s so I'm gagging to try them out and don't care where!

    Do you have any future dates planned yet?
    Wicked...thanks man. It may be a bit short notice to go this weekend as my gf's parents are over here from Oz and I may get roped into hanging out with them, but I'll certainly put my best effort in. Regardless, I'll check out the tournament section and have a read.
    hiya mate...not gonna make it this year unfortunately
    just finished fitting a new kitchen and some other alterations at home so paintball has had to take a back seat lately lol
    and yes, I know, thats not how things should be lmao
    Hey, Dan bought me Kaseys Joy, so on the Leopard print hunt now lol. I will be attempting to play alongside you guys but you'll all have to bear with me until I get the hang of it a bit, Dan and I are playing Saturday :D
    Yeah im good thanks mate, little one is in great health! :)
    I hear youve got a big game tac vest down apoc? How much you want for it?
    You still mr president of yazoo? i buy that stuff all the time! banana ofc! i must be putting alot of money in your pocket! lol
    Err im not sure when im next down now mate, sunday was a good day.
    Havent played in a while and im all saw! think im getting to old for this! :s
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