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  • hey paul, u still ballin?
    thought i'd just give you the info, my little boy is due in feb and im looking forward to playing paintball with you again in the new year.
    hope is all good with you mate?
    Im looking for a couple of new markers for the new year if youve got anything for sale?
    Giz a shout yeah?
    Much love
    Paul you beer swilling ozzie *******, hows the paintball goin?
    I've been out for a while with kidney stones and my car has needed more work then anything so aint been down in a while. Giz a shout when your playing next and i'll see if i can make it down.
    Cheers mate.
    sorry to bother you mate but how did you get your personal jersey again? something about becoming a platinum member right?
    you got any markers up for sale mate? looking for a new one, thought i'd ask my mates first
    if i had my own speedball field would you come down to play? ive got something on the horison
    Yeah that would be ok i guess. will have to let you know about that one coz im waiting on a guy to get back to me about buying his etek 2 on here. are you down site this weekend or next? i should be about for both
    well keep me upto date on that because i will be bringing a few mates down with me next time who might wana buy some gear off you if you still got bits for sale (marker etc)
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