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    Using old Regs

    Looks like a Pure Energy Reactor that someone has put Angel jewels on to me, I scrapped three of them for spares as once they started leaking nothing I could do would stop them.
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    New to paintballing

    What James said, also don't be afraid to ask, folks here are mostly friendly and will give you the best advice they can
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    SAR CARMATECH 12 - For sale east mids £800.00- drop to £750.00

    Will vouch for the lad, even if he does like "blingy" Dye markers :sick::sick::sick:
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    Greetings and welcome to the madhouse that is Paintball, give us an idea where you are right now and you'll get a better answer for what you want. Do you want to get into it as in you've not really played before, (maybe done a fun day somewhere)? Or have you done a few fun days and want to start...
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    this is ridiculous.

    Adblocker well and truly on, and it beats all those annoying ads on YT but not on here :/
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    Well, I can't speak for anyone else that does anodising around the world, but here in the UK I simply sent my entire marker to Ed who did everything. Strip, anodising and rebuild. If you are comfortable stripping down the marker completely you'll save yourself that cost. Other than that it's...
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    Anno work doing

    Mine's the Blue splash LV, started as a black/blue one which shot lovely but was a bit boring to look at and after the warranty ran out I really wanted to get it to match my original slab side cocker that Planet spent years remaking for me when they were on Deansgate. It's a damned good tribute...
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    Anno work doing

    Me and @mikey1975 will vouch to the quality, 2 LV's and a 170 done by @k4p84 and I've got another LV heading that way when the season is over :D
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    Kit Sale: Unique Dye NT Red/Blue, Vanguard Demon, Shocker SFT, Full Freak Kit etc...

    If you do and you've got an AC threaded back floating about LMK a price
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    Sterling STP Pump Markers

    Do it, you won't regret it, top work
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    Don't worry, if you say @mikey1975 three times, he appears in your mirror trying to sell you things :p This was the third time :D
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    Almost certainly, well my mob probably will be though I suspect it may be 2021 before it all starts again. There's not a walkon event as such, well not like a "normal" site; but you will see open training events listed where you can turn up and join in on the field with anyone else that turns...
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    Large Clear out of playing gear, Gi Loader, Fuel Supra light, Large amount of pods, kit bags, Masks (Grills, VIOS, E Flex) and more

    Well if you don't after a reasonable amount of time to be fair, dibs on the mask case :D
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    Basic Equipment Needed

    I guess you're the only person that can consider your priorities, and the emek is undoubtedly a decent bit of kit, but I think that you have options with an electronic marker here that you can build on as life and times change. With a mech marker you're limited to its capabilities, but with an...