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  • hey dan,
    quick question....i did what you said on your "shoot the risnbow day 2 piccies) thread about getting randonphotography to work. so i did what you said to do but no luck.

    you know what else i could do??

    cheers buddy
    hi mate its paddy was just flickin through talkpaintball and saw one of dyehard were looking for an etek was wondering if you know whther theyre still after one as i maybe to sort something

    cheers :)
    dan gerry from wildacats is gona pick up the pack and for it!
    so he should come find you or you find him!
    thanks very much!
    I missed you at the weekend sweety :-( I couldn't make it beacuse I was working.
    Will you be at Campaign next week? Is your little one coming???
    Hi Mikee, Print will go in the post tomorrow for you, thanks for your custom, glad you liked the pictures.

    Hi mate, i was wondering if i could buy pic number 300 of the warped big game 08. The pic is really smart. Would like it in A4 size if possible. let me know how much it is all in and i will paypal the money over to you. Cheers Wee_mikee
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