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  • hello dev, long time no speak. havnt caught ya on msn in a while, how you keepin?:)
    and you commin to fedcup this weekend?:)
    hey dev alright? Any events going on around that i could come along to have a watch? iv still not made up my mind on a marker but iv got my eyes on a PMR 09, what do you think?

    cheers :D
    Thanks for all the help mate, if you could think of any good online shops you recomend could you let me know. Im looking to get a gun and go for a few sessions at paintball UK get the feel of the gun Ect. Any recomendations? oh and my spelling is not so good lol.

    cheers man
    Sorry mate calendars a bit busy in July so can't really commit to playing the NSPL with you guys. I'll be there with a stand but will have to look at funds closer to the time. I'll ask about for you though and see if any of the other lads fancy it.
    heya Dev. your bro lazyhaze? i cant remember :D if so the etek i sold him yonks ago im willing to buy back if he still has it, i need a whip and that'll do nicely ;)
    hey dude,
    Just wondering if you had put a message up on here yet, about the kit?
    Was looking y'day couldn't see anything.
    Have fun wherever it is you have ran off to. lol.
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