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  • Hello fella how are you? ive got 5 guys together who will be training at bricketwood within the next few weeks but im a man short for some 3v3.. would you be intrested in filling in for the 6th?
    Let me know please

    Good to hear you're making it to Bricket wood, unfortunately, I'm unale to make the 6th as we're up at CPPS on the 7th...I can let you know when we're training again if you and your guys want to train with us?
    Thanks again for going out of your way to help me out, look like i owe you a favour.
    If you need anything you give me a shout ok!
    i hope your son had a good birthday?
    top bloke!
    photos need to go up when the thread does, not later as per rules.

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