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    speedball arenas

    N Wow I didn’t realise there was so much choice, beats when I was living down in Wales! Will get on that Facebook group now and check out the sites, thanks!
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    Privileges to post on for sale posts

    Ah I never saw the platinum account advertised, i’d recommend some sort of message promoting it as users sign up because I may have actually gotten it straight away at the time. I mean for me personally I registered because I saw an x7 for £25 here, and in the end I found the seller on Facebook...
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    Skill Breakdown: Running and Gunning

    Nice that makes sense, sorry I’m not the most intelligent when it comes to actually moving around..! I guess it is time to run some drills
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    Washing gear

    Handwashing them is pretty quick and easy, especially if they are bulky
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    Starting A Paintball business Field/Indoor

    No matter what you do, as long as you can get some good video content and photography done, social media is one of the best methods you can get for attracting players. Just get some vaguely exciting short videos made and you can probably pay a massive page like Ladbible to share them to...
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    First game after 13 years.

    I never used to play tournament but given the fact i’m in a much better geographical area for it and have much more time to play now I think i’ll jump in
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    What grinds your gears?

    Boris Johnson and the new stupid politics he is subscribed to
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    How old are you?

    22, I used to play when I was much younger but only recently got interested again.
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    GI layoffs

    It’s pretty sad as if anything paintball doesn’t seem to have grown half as quickly as it should have in the past decade. People seem more interested in playing soldiers on a console than actually getting out and having fun
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    Planet Eclipse MG100 - MAGFED!!!

    Any idea what the cost will be yet? Very tempting ...
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    A new beginning ….

    How can I get involved? I have a lot of experience in content creation and although I’m only just getting back in to paintball after a long break, i’m trying my best to cement my old knowledge
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    Privileges to post on for sale posts

    The 20 posts threshold is a little hard to reach when you get to topics from years ago after the first 5 posts... Totally understandable as to why it is needed but surely there is a better way?
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    Walk on's/ training grounds near Cambridgeshire?

    Sadly I can’t remember the name of the place but one of the best fields I ever went to was in Cambridgeshire. It was a normal rental field but they let you take your own markers if you wanted, and it was some of the most intense play i’ve ever been in... Keep on looking!
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    Airball West London

    What is the site fee for a visit? And guessing they sell paint there, what about that? Tempted to visit when I get a chance in the near future
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    Tippmann Magfed AR15

    I’ll definitely be picking one up when I have the funds to spare, 15 year old me would have wet himself at a <£200 mag fed...