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  • If you are not playing ball somewhere on Sunday you are welcome to come and try F5 as a guest, I see a lot of players that haven't tried it because you need a 10 man/woman team there are 3 teams that need players. Some of which will give you free entry...
    Hi mate I just have the trigger quite tight and not much play when I maintained a few days ago must of over tightened it just use a Allen key and find your perfect trigger feel. Campbell
    Hey, how's it going?
    My name is Mike, i'm the yank on the Legends team; we had someone video our match on sunday; i thought i'd send you the link so you guys can take a look at it. our match will be loaded by saturday night; i'm working crazy hours at the moment. it's mostly from our prespective; but feel free to enjoy.
    we had a great time playing you guys this past weekend and look forward to future endavours
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