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  • yeah it was him i think, cuz you know i was going to give it back and then he took it :S i think you put your hand out to get it aswell :S :/
    alright m8 :D hehe u all good?

    and if we play against u in pa ( more than likely )

    just dont get me on tha snake as usual haha :)
    Should be a laugh, not so sure about the being at Richs house at 5.00 a.m lol the price ya gotta pay i s'pose. See ya on sunday.
    you playing on sunday fella? Looks like I'm gonna break my p.a virginity and come up for a laugh and have a game with you lot.
    dunno about the p.a on the 11th yet as i'm playing/drinking the big game this weekend :D so will have to see how the finances run, also just bought some new toys from the states :pso will see. I've said to Rich that I will at least try and come up to the p.a to say hello and meet the team if I can, but if thats the case I may aswell play:cool:!!!
    If I dont make the 11th then I'm pretty much deffo gonna be at the next p.a and whatever training Rich has planned in between.

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