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  • good ye had a few offers but not good ones lol iam not going to paintfest as am busy that weekend the other lads are cooming down tho should be a good weekend have fun buddy will be going to the next one tho at wakefield
    Yeah im lovin the EGO. Does not miss a beat, shoots very nice. Yeah she saw it last friday, she had a go last nite. She really likes it. Thing with people nowadays they want guns for pennies. I remember what I lost on my NT in a few months. You coming to Paintfest in July at NPF?
    hi mate whats the ego like no still got the geo can not seem to move it has the girl friend been yet
    Hi Wayne, still got the Ego 11, and recently aquired an Etek 3 for my girl friend. Trying to to get her in to paintball :) You got rid of your Geo 2 yet?
    Yeah its nice, havnt really used it in a game yet, but have shot it in the back garden and its a smooth as my nt on factory solenoid settings. Yes heard the Geo 2 is a cracking gun. I had a go of an older Geo and that still shot good.
    sound i was thinking of getting the geo 2 which ive aslo heard good reopts about let me know how the 11 is mate
    Hi eastie, thats ok mate. I know how hard it can be shifting guns at this time of year. Well I have a Ego 11 coming at the end of Jan. Decided to give Planet a try. Its getting pretty good reviews and has a really trick solenoid that you can control the speed of the bolt to give it a lot less kick. Just got to wait for it to come now. :-(
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