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  • Hi George. Things are ok thanks. My son Eddie was born a month ago. He is doing well - very noisy at night though !

    As kinda expected, the few remaining Havoc players have pretty much quit playing. Tim because he knee is too busted up, Daniel went back to Oz, and Graham and Ian left to join Relentless (grrrrrr). However, things have picked up a bit lately. We are now using our new training ground in Tonbridge which is pretty cool - we are putting our own Supair field up there once a month. I have introduced some local kidz and guys to paintball, and they have entered a rookie squad into the last 2 KOTH events. They are enjoying it and improving really quiackly - so Havoc will ride again :mad:)

    What you been upto ?

    Anytime you want a game or want to join us for training let me know. Shame you are so far away - I know I have said that before !
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