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  • hi m8 one of your guys said you have a proto chest protector for sale, wondered what the size, condition, and how much thanks. dave
    Hey mate, its Dan.

    Told you i`d have a problem. Anyway, marker was fine til i got it home. Then for some reason it started leaking air from around the trigger area! Have you had any problems with air leaks??? The leak dissapears when I turn the reg down, but obviously then there is not enough pressure to fire any paintballs? Is this a common fault?(have taken out the bolt and most parts, and all o-rings seem ok.... Don`t know what else to look for....

    Think I`ve sorted it. Went through all O-rings, re-lubed and it seems better now.
    yeah we didn't do so well on saturday and even on sunday we kina fumbled our way through, still we came away knowing what we need to improve on which is good :)
    remember side on rotate that arm
    10 mins with me and you will feel as good as me
    you enjoying yer
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