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    Emek thoughts

    Also, with all those upgrades mentioned. Does it feel/perform aswell as a marker in the same price range (emek plus aftermarket parts)?
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    Emek thoughts

    Yes I've seen BZ's pimped out Emek for £450. For that money you really are verging on going for a nice second hand mid to high end marker.
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    Emek thoughts

    Hi Guys, Probably going to look into getting the PE Emek sometime in the next 6 months or so. I'm really getting into the mech side of things. What would you say is the absolute most important upgrade to get for the Emek. Preferably asking those who have played with it completely stock and then...
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    Selling Markers aboard

    Hi Guys, Just after alittle advice on posting markers to the US. What have you used to send it. Did you have to break it down? And roughly how much did it cost. The marker is not Magfed. Thanks!
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    Titan Wolf UKPSF Cards

    Just wanted to put my thoughts out there about Titan Wolf's UKPSF cards. I think they are really great quality. Very nice printing on the aluminium! Would definitely recommend to anyone who has their membership and a spare £5!
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    Greg Hastings Paintball 2 XBL

    Hi Guys, Seems abit quiet in here as of late. Just wondering if anyone, who has the game on Xbox, fancys getting a small team together and playing? I'm on the Facebook group but it always just seems to be Americans. Just want to keep that boredom away until we can all play safely out on the field!
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    68 Automag

    Hi Guys, Just like to take a moment to thank Ed muggleton for Anodizing some parts for my 68 automag! Not completely finished yet but I'm incredibly happy with the result! Would definitely recommend the guy! What other parts would you add to it next? Thanks!
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    68 Automag New-ish

    Hi there, I am a current owner of a 68 automag. Think I've pretty much got the very basics of maintaining it. Just looking for any more information on it. Like a tuning guide? Or tips and tricks. I've watched the maintenance guide on youtube but I just wonder if there is more out there that...