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  • yeah, that is fair enugh mate. im so sorry, ive been stupidly busy and trying to contact tim. entirley my fault and i accept that

    covers for air tanks, similar to the blackstar buts that are back in fashion at the moment, go over the top and bottom of your tank, for grip, leaves the middle bare though. some like em, some dont, great for playing on astro, not so much for recball, rough surfaces etc
    oh you mean a holdey together bolt rather than a firing paintball bolt...ahh i seeeeee.

    well offer, all ive got to trade are reballs, fill rig, shocker parts and loc soks. take your pick.
    hmm, could you point me to where i could get a bolt?

    when you say bottom line, air/co2 or 12G sparklet?
    nah, just wanted to try to get one...tinker toy something to train with. trying to think if there is anything else i can offer. im moving south and trying to clear the kit bag...anything you need?
    hey, I hear you are the man to talk to about buying pumps, would you care to trade one for a din fit fill rig and din to a clamp adapter?

    pics on request,
    Mighty fine work at the UKSM.

    I would like to think i have tought you all you know;)
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