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  • Hey hey mate, we are all good here! Saw your mug in the latest Loki photos, good result so well done! We will be visiting late September so make sure you are around at Apoc//work ok? You still working at the field? The family ok? Apoc all ok?
    Hey dude, Had to stop buying stuff due to lack of funds lol, just saving for air bottle and pots now :) Went training down Apoc yesterday. Man I'm rusty! guess thats what ya get for 6 years off the trigger :(
    Maaaan you better do.

    Would be good to see this so called "skills" you bragged about ;)

    I think now i might even be able to put you to the test "ol man"
    I'm good man, it's been TOOOOOO long.

    quick update - Playing for Defiance now, playing Div 2 Mills and Div 3 WC this season :D

    Hows it going with you?
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