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  • Hello there. You never seemed to respond to my PM.

    Do you have any Spectra 2 Frames available in WHITE.

    Let me know mate as I would like to place an order

    Hi james. I used to play with a team called destiny you might not remember me and ryan but i was wondering if there are anyteams that still train sup-air at Elsham still ? and if so could you drop me a number or whatever so i can contact them to see if its alright to train again. Were getting back into the whole scene again. cheers bud jay
    james you were going to give me a price bud,also tracy told me why you asked about could i drive a 7.5 tonner,if you need a hand for big game ring tracy and we,ll sort something out and yes i can drive a 7.5 tonner i used to drive one,if you haven,t had your car licence over 5yrs you can,t drive one.i have got it on my licence so can,easy way is look at your licence and see what categories it lets you drive;)so if you can,t drive it just call,but it will cost you big time:eek:;):D:D:D:Dor should i say jon;)
    see you soon
    Just bin it m8,but advise me is the price as it was or has it changed.....?
    Posted a message in the JCS section about the upgraded G3 boards

    have you got any in?
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