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  • John just so you know the sites gone down... says 403 Forbidden :( posted a message in a thread for you, wondering if you could and do make boards for timmys, and wether you can flash the WAS boards... ta
    Alright John, been told to speak to you, im after a new board for my angel g7 - either that or a charger as someone nicked mine from my car and I cant charge the marker - just wondering if you had any in stock


    Hey Andy

    I sent a reply to Dan cos its a bit confusing dealing with 2 peopple at once.
    Just awaiting his reply.

    Ill be seeing Ricky tonight also. Ill get his number for you.
    hi john andy clark here dan told me to get intouch regarding spitfire convertion! this is 4 team mate! as i already have a spitfire angel? u might remember it its a gold mm2k one that a lad called ricky kept giving to you to up grade 4me! if u could get back to me on new costs! and mines got a leak at front?would be great also do you av rickys number for future sails etc thanxs clarkie
    hi me again
    right just went to install new board you sent me but no chip on it just row of holes

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