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    Luxe Ice-Regulator binding

    The HPR, undo the two locking grub screws then two of the biggest Allen keys up each end and separate. If it's been stubborn you can try heat cycling, boiling water then freezer. Make sure all threads are clean when you put it back together.
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    Search Function

    If it existed before the refresh you can't search it here, you can google it off the site and get a result though
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    FS/UK planet CF & FR barrels

    I'd take one FR back, trade on the anno you wanted. I'd add the difference. Ed
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    Forum Search function

    Yep, search it via Google and you get results
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    GoPro/Action camera

    Check the comparison videos on youtube, some of the GoPro alternatives are really good. The GoPro style mount is used on a lot of accessories. If you get an underwater style sealed case they can take a hit but the audio suffers unless you mod and run an external mic.
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    Lv1.1 pro wotsit worth

    I have seen LV1 go for 250, 1.1 for 300, 1.5 for 350
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    Wanted fill station

    DIN or A clamp
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    LV with your choice of anno

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    Pistol + Mags + holsters + other bits

    Well that is disappointing, I'll measure the hoodie up when I get back tomorrow
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    Pistol + Mags + holsters + other bits

    L / XL but the label has worn. Happy to trade for you old JT shock jerseys
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    Pistol recommendations :-)
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    Pistol + Mags + holsters + other bits

    Pistol + 4 Mags + pistol holster + Mag holster £200 Shipped Dye hoodie £25 shipped Redz pack £25 shipped NXe bag £25 shipped
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    Still available
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    Selling up

    I'll take the CP reg, reballs and free squeegees, I'll PM you for payment details
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    All Change in the Hot Seat at Gi …..

    Clearly a concept sketch for Angry Birds !