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    Using old Regs

    Did some more digging, these where marketed by WDP but are a rebranded Pure Energy reg. We all learned something ! Once you take the bonnet off there are only like 2 - 3 orings if I recall, 1 to seal around the pin, two on the piston. They where likely urethane orings, just clean of any...
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    Using old Regs

    I think you have ID'd something a bit off, Angel AIR regs don't use standard fill valves / guages / burst disks and where adjustable. Ensure if you have taken an air system reg apart is to use the correct lubes and NEVEER EVER out any oil near them.
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    Using old Regs

    Most regs are pretty serviceable. Only thing to check is most newish markers will be wanting lower input pressures than some older "preset" regs output
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    Need help IDing some marker

    Untested about 50-60 each, less if known issues (board / noids etc) Selling may only go in the classifieds
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    Returning to paintball after 7 years away! Need some tlc tips on the marker!

    I think there where some Eclipse parts it was kinda advised to swap on the original Etha, something to do with one of the springs
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    Looking at selling my markers

    Gain access to the the classifieds section and create a proper post for sale items please. All info is detailed in the Classifieds.
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    ION parts bundle

    As above, sold ages ago elsewhere
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    Markers and Parts FS

    Spyder and no. Yes everything needs a home
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    ION parts bundle

    Got her working and sold it. I do have an ion bolt somewhere that needs a home
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    Catch 22... Say bank transfer, you are not well known and buyer basically can't lodge a claim / offers no buyer protection. PayPal at least you can have dialogue with a 3rd party. IMG the condition of parts, boxing / packaging, weight, labelling to back up any counter claim. What I was saying is...
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    Paypal is still the most popular. There will be tw@ts in every community unfortunately :-(
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    Geo lv1.1 UK flag

    GEO and LV are two different marker ranges, its an LV :-)
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    Rec/Punter Ball

    Kinda need to know a locality to suggest sites
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    What to look for buying used

    People got stuck up on shot counts a while back. General wear items are orings / reg seats / detents that are cheap and readily available. As long as paint / water has not got all over a board or solenoid they tend to last decades. As long as you don't pick something up that does not have the...
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    What to look for buying used

    Generally anything that has been fairly decently maintained will have few issues. Expect to pull it apart for a clean. Anything by say Eclipse for the last 5 plus-ish years would have spares readily available.