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    ***2020 Gun Whores Club***

    I'm somewhere in the high 50s, low 60s currently
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    ***2020 Gun Whores Club***

    Yes they wouldn't know what marker(s) to bring ! What's the threshold going to be 1-5 that's just sensible 5-10 well I like variety 10-20 actually where are these going to live 20-50 I have a paintball room you know 50+ shhhhhhhhhh my partner doesn't know there are that many......
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    Old Old Paintball Kit

    Cocker 250-300 I have one of these models Shocker 80-100 Ranger 20 Barrels are 20-25 Unireg 20 Other air bit some bits could be salvaged for spares maybe. If you want any of the markers gone through before sale let me know. Shotgun on the shocker, I just got a board that would make it...
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    Smart Parts and JT items

    That is all I could find, if anything is of interest I will do proof pics
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    Smart Parts and JT items

    I've got some renegade knee shin guards, barrel wrap, maybe a couple of barrel socks if they are of interest
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    Smart Parts VIBE problem

    when did it work last, did you do something to it ? Is the solenoid clicking / activating on each trigger pull ?
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    Any packs for sale?
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    Hyper ball piping

    corrugated drainage pipe, yes it is just expensive
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    Shaft 4 back

    If I have a sample I can get near it
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    Shaft 4 back

    Should have it back next week, can anno nearly any colour and sell it
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    Shaft 4 back

    Pretty sure I had one laying about, may have sent it out to be freak bored....
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    ego parts

    All done, payment received, will ship out to you sir
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    Why no 4500psi fills

    Pot thief !
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    WTB Vanquish GT

    Scott, buy this, Ash is a great seller :-)
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    Most Powerful Paintball gun

    As above, markers must adhere to safety limits, going beyond that and you quickly fall into legal foot pound limits and creating a firearm that would require a licence to own