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  • Clear some space in inbox please. Mods coming down hard on all these "PM transactions" (especially after the tom breakwell fiasco) so would be grateful if a sale thread could be posted up just for the sake of doing things-by-the-book. A pic or two would be appreciated, if possible. PM me with payment details in the meantime.

    hi mate ill be at the 7 man at the weekend if you want to bring the rotor..... let me know so i can bring the money

    cheers ste
    i tryed sending you a pm mate but your box is full.....

    ill be down next week, let me know when ur in box is empty and ill send you my number
    Hi man, remember to send the payment of £9 for the flex bottom, SENT AS OWED PLEASE MATE
    Yo, you been able to send the money for the proflex bottom yet mate?
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