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  • Hehe yeah I have loads of avatar pics on my pc but if I used some of them I think people would think Im even weirder than I am lol

    All good with me. Alexander has a third tooth coming through, and he's getting bigger and will have his first birthday next month on the 14th

    Southern Pirates are coming along great and we are doing the final Summer Series Freekz Tournament this sunday and intend to make the top 4 :D
    Think what you like kat, you dont love him enough to pull your boobs out to help him win the lips comp, i however got my rack out for mat, so..NER!
    Haha true...although i think it takes more than a pimp set of goggs to make me look good :(, i reckon i need boobs and hair for that.

    And your studying what !?!? you training to be in nasa ? You will leave matt behind the bum lol
    :( Bummer, il keep the bed warm dont worry hun lol.

    What you studying ? the art of perversion by matt and andy ?

    And yeah, blue bandana's, white ears, JT UK strap, white faceplate...who said paintball wasn't all about image !? :D
    Yay im still #1, im great thanks, just been ordering some sexual stuff from across the pond ( took your advice on the bandana frames btw ;) )

    You with him tooonight ?
    Hi Kat
    Im all good thanks and the team is ok :) The YGz and my other team IgglePiggle Hit Squad are doing great now. YGz are practically winning every round of the Freekz and IPHS are getting podiums. I must be doing something right Lol!
    Will be a shame if you cant do the Clinic but you must do what you can. Will be good to meet up sometime though.
    Anyway, sleep time so catch you later. Take care
    x x x x
    I hope your still alive after your antics last night with young matthew ( im angry with him, so its matthew ). He said i was the one, and you have stolen my man ! :(
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