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  • Hey mate,

    I looking to attend the walk on in a months time at campaign, will you be attending this one or ? Josh and I would like to introduce ourselves.

    With the walk on do you bring your own paint or do you have to purchase it off them ? if so how much do they normally charge?


    You didn't send £5 you sent £4.64 so I think you didn't pay the fees I have sent the eyes but please pay me the extra
    I live in Woking campaign is like 15-20 mins drive for me so not far at all, I'm 21 and my mate is 21 too who is also getting into paintball. he has pretty everything now (marker,mask,tank,loader etc.) i just need a tank and some clothing really. I've got a marker, mask and loader.
    Yea sounds good mate. keep me updated, I just need to get my gear sorted out as I've just started myself so I wouldn't expect wonders.
    Hey I just read your post on the thread I started about "teams in surrey". Are you with team GBH? if so or not. When do you practice? (would like to come take a peek) You at delta force or campaign?

    Thanks, Kyle
    he said it wasnt the 3 proto ones i thought, so if you wont them theres a pic of them on the thread, last set of pots i think!
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