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  • Hi Jon i was just wondering, do Lips do any packages that say include marker/hopper/air bottle for a wannabe tourny player?
    bugger, I will get one on order.

    I am fine mate, I am just snowed under and its only Jan.
    bonjour sir, i sent you a pm a couple of days ago concerning the vlocity crown i left in the shop on the 11th, the plastic around the crown was broken and you said you would send me a new one, it was a standard crown, just wondering if you have them in stock by any chance, hope you have cheered up a bit you looked a bit down in the shop when i saw you :p :D cheers snax
    HI Jon thanks for the info i went though the manual today it said that naturally reguardless of the dip switch settings it is semi-auto but could it be that i fire a bit too fast that it kicks into ramping? im going to be paintballing next week i may play with the full-auto and the ramping to see which i prefer but do you have any other idea how to change it to only semi? if it doesnt go to only semi its not that much of a problem ill just use more paint :) again thanks for the info
    Hi mate,

    you should just be able to go into the firing modes and put it on semi , then it will just be a case of of as fast as you pull the trigger.
    kind regards
    Hi Jon i was wondering if you could give me some info about my delta elite i brought from you a few weeks back. I have it set to Ramping but i dont dont want it always kicking in. I looked in the manual and it only have fill auto and ramping any way i can set it to fire as fast as i can use the trigger rather than the ramping fireing more balls than i need to use? if i need to i switch it to full auto and more use that towards the end of the day. Get back when you have time, no rush

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