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  • Hiya
    There are a bunch of lads just starting a team up they are very new to the tournament scene and I think they are only training at the moment. You would need to contact Joe Bollard, his username on here is "z1 MuFFiNMaN" or if you use facebook look for Joe Bollard and tell him "Bullfrog" sent you.
    Or you could find "Ainsley"on here for the Lucky 15's or "Sneaky Snorkles" on here for the sneaky snorkles.
    Good luck
    hello there m8 i have heard from sombody on here that you know a team that is reqruiting for speedball at the npf and i want to start playing for a team and get better etc. so i was wondering if you could get me a trial for a team so if you could hook me up then that would be great and i will come asap on training day or somthing
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