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  • ime in no rush too sell and too be honest better too sell too someone in the team mate let me know if you are coming too N V S
    Hi mate you still taking my marker on sat mate also you have not put name down as going or for paint we are leaving on sat 9 am at mine Rh27qa let me know about marker cheers
    Hey mate Im sam from GBH , sorry to see your having to sell all your lovely gear :eek: good luck with wateva you do bro
    sam :)
    hello fella long time no speak lol
    When it comes to kit it all depends on how deep ur pockets are and what tim,e of paintball you want to play mate.
    If you mave msn hock me up on bryanleaver@hotmail.co.uk
    Yeah nice, but a new tank and a rotor would be better, as in october you will need to re test the tank, and thats 30 quid.. and it could fail. plus the dye throttle tank is better and rotor is faaaar better :p
    sweet for getting back. are you working there 2morro as i thinking of just popping down if it going.
    i am getting people surggesting getting a second hand ego etech dm for the money i'm going to pay for the slg.
    and just one last thing what is the difference between the slg/rm as i like both but want to make the right choice.
    thanks again
    Hi mate, yeah thats some very nice gear to start playing with :)
    if u need help on how to maintain it, when u come to play i can show you how it works etc. just trying to get a new gun, can never make my mind up on what i like playing with! ha!
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