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  • hi ,i'm needing a little help
    i am fairly new to this forum,a couple of months or so,
    i bought some paintballing gear (dye playing jersy,pants and a dye i3 mask)
    the mask came missing the visor/peak,ui e-mailed the seller who said he would post it out to me,since then i have had no reply to my e-mails and i have notice the member hasn't been on the forum latley,i do not want to leave poor feedback if i don't need to and as of yet i have'nt took the issue further with paypal,its now gone on for a month and was wondering what to do next,i didn't want to post the message on the forum as new members requireing help sometimes get a hard time
    thanks in advance regards
    hey lump its gra , hows things mate , glad your still involved, i miss it so much . are you on face book ????????????????
    hi lump
    wounder if you can help i've been a member for a while but haven't posted much untill recently, i'm now interested in sell a few bits that i have aquired do you have to have to have a minimum post count or be a platinum member? if i have to be a plat member what does it include? if there is already a topic on what i have just asked i apologise and can you tell me were?
    many many thanks cwkotw
    hi, just wandering if u could give me some advice,
    see i bought some eclipse elbow pads off Luke W, i sent him the money about 14 days ago via paypal along with my address and he hasen't sent them,
    iv'e pm'd him a few times since then and hasen't responded, yet his recent posts prove that he has been on here since the transaction,
    i just needed to no if there is anything i can do as he has £15 of my money and i have the pm's and paypal reciept to prove it.
    hi lump just need some advise if you know any betterthan me. what kind of prise do you think an 07 etek with some custom anoing should sell for as its hard to tell on this site, thanks adam
    oh this is new so will save me deleting a pm posted the nick nacks today for you
    Hi bud,
    Just posted a Smart Parts bottle up for sale ...... been out of the boards for a bit, it seems to have gone... could you tell me what was wrong with the post so I can repost and ammend.
    Thanks Bud
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