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  • looks like i might be up against yer sunday, managed to get a couple of free games
    lump can you give me some advise on marker purchase

    05 for around £200
    or A1 for round £350

    i mean im only 13 and am new-ish to the sport and i dont realy know and i intend to controll the field the next time i play!
    Hi Lump,

    If you are still looking for a game we have become a 4 man team and we don't much like that!

    We have played NSPL for the last 3 years, but had enough and decided to play Masters & Freekz.


    What is this disgusting colouring all about? I think I'm going to chunder! Love you, mostly in the face.
    sorry i didnt get the pink lady mate, as much as i was going to send you an offer about 20 mins ago tyson let go of his.
    Lump i have to threads up in for sale section delete them as ones getting messy and i am going to make a new one ok mate :D

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