Shark nv752 reviews 2019 with FAQs

Shark NV752 is one of the best vacuum cleaners on consumer ratings on the markets today. Why is this model trusted by thousands of consumers for home cleaning? Are you interested in owning one? Come with me and figure out which benefits this vacuum cleaner can bring to your home cleaning routine.

However, don't forget to take notes about the issues that might arise while using the Shark NV752, this is also important because you might use this FAQ guide frequently. By having experience using vacuum cleaners and researching vacuums for many years, we hope that at the end of our Shark Nv752 reviews, you will have extensive knowledge of this model.

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Shark NV752 Specifications

Shark NV752
(also called theShark rotator NV752 or shark rotator NV752 powered lift-away TruePet vacuum) is produced by Shark Vacuums, the big brand vacuum cleaner and it comes with all the features of an upright vacuum. Let’s have a look at some main specifications.

Dimensions: 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches

Weight: 15.4 pounds

Cord length: 30 feets

Dust cup: can hold 3.3 dry quarts

XL capacity

Brand & Model
: Shark - NV752

Shark nv752 reviews in key features

The 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner

Have you ever felt unsure or confused when choosing a vacuum cleaner? Maybe you didn’t know which one will be the best fit for your needs? We all know there are dozens of vacuum cleaner models that can help with your home cleaning routine efficiently. However, it becomes a little bit more challenging for those of us who live in a house with multiple types of flooring. For example, you need to vacuum the large carpeted or tiled areas of your home but you also need to clean other spaces, like tiny corners, stairs, and even the top of curtains,.The normal upright vacuum cleaner has a wider cleaning path while the canister vacuum cleaners can be easier to maneuver and clean tiled floors.

Fortunately, now Shark rotator NV752 powered lift-away TruePet vacuum can do well at both of these tasks. This is an advanced 3 in 1 upright vacuum cleaner. Shark nv752 offers features of three modes: upright, canister, and powered lift away, which transforms the vacuum into a handheld. Now, you can vacuum under furniture or those hard-to-reach areas and clean much easier. There is no doubt about this multi-functions vacuum cleaner.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal and a HEPA Filter

Shark rotator nv752 comes with Anti allergen complete seal technology and the HEPA filter can trap 99,9% of the dust and allergens inside the vacuum. This is very necessary for those who are suffering from allergies. You can also find this feature in some of Shark’s other vacuum cleaner models.

TruePet motorized brush roll better for pet hair

I believe that Shark rotator NV752’ TruePet motorized brush is an awesome accessory for families with pets. This tool is designed to pick up pet hair and it really does this job well. It can dig deep into thick carpets or also suck up powerfully on hard floors making this the only vacuum cleaner you’ll ever need!

LED lights and Fingertip controls

One of the interesting features of this vacuum cleaner is its LED lights. The LED lights can illuminate dirt to help you clean more efficiently, even reaching those dark corners. In addition, there is the fingertip control mode which will help you to easily switch from hard floor to carpet mode.

Dynamic Swivel Steering

A few users hoped that Shark rotator powered lift-away TruePet NV752 will weigh less, while some others thinks the weight issue can be fixed by a Dynamic Swivel Steering design. The Swivel Steering allows you to control and move the vacuum easier around furniture and other obstacles without lifting it up negating any weight issues


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Pros and Cons summing up


  • An innovative upright vacuum cleaner with advantages of three types
  • Filtration is perfect for those with allergies
  • Many attachments to clean different surfaces
  • TruePet motorized brush works efficiently with pet hairs
  • LED lights and figure control easy to use
  • Swivel Steering for easy to maneuverability


A little heavy to move and lift up, even though it has a powered lift-away function

FAQs (frequently questioned answers) in Shark NV752

Q: Which accessories do Shark NV752 come with?

Ans: Shark NV752 model comes with many tools that can help you use it for many different purposes, such as cleaning pet hairs from carpets, cleaning dust from hard or bare floors allowing for much deeper cleaning. The accessories of the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away includes: the Hard Floor Hero, the Duster Crevice Tool, the TruePet Mini Motorized Brush, the Pet Multi-Tool, the canister Caddy, and the accessories bag.

Q: Is the Shark Vacuum good for pet hair?

Ans:: Yes, Shark Vacuums are good vacuum cleaners for families living with pets. For example, one of the ideal choices for the removal of pet hair is the Shark NV752 model. There are the TruePet Motorized Brush and Pet-Multi Tool which are designed for removing pet hair from different flooring types such as carpets, hard floors, under furniture or even those hard-to-reach areas. The suction is also very powerful, allowing you to pick up pet hair and dust as well.

Q: What is the difference between Shark NV 752 and Shark NV 751?

Ans: There is no difference between Shark NV 752 and Shark NV 751 in technology except for the attachments of the two types of models. For example, the Shark NV 752 has the pet cleaning attachments while the Shark NV 751 does not have it.

Q: Are Shark vacuums better than Dyson vacuums?

Ans: There is no definite answer. Every vacuum cleaner brands will have different pros and cons. For example, for pricing most Shark vacuums may be lower than that of Dyson vacuums but their power cords will often be shorter. However, the Dyson vacuum cleaners might be heavier. Therefore, you should first understand what you need in a vacuum cleaner and what types of surfaces will need cleaning.

Q: Can I wash the filter on my Shark Rotator NV752 vacuum?

Ans: Yes, The Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift-Away comes with Washable Filters that allows you to operate and wash it easily. Therefore, don't worry about using it frequently.

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The final words

Shark Rotator NV752 powered lift-away TruePet is the ideal vacuum cleaner for home cleaning duty, even for homes with pets. A might be a little heavy for this type of vacuum cleaner but if you live in a home with multiple types of flooring I think this thing can be quite useful. Therefore, if you read and research the shark nv752 reviews, it will save you a lot of time and energy in your quest to find the best vacuum cleaner.

Are you confident that the Shark vacuum cleaner is the vacuum cleaner for you? I really hope so, but if you still have some questions, I would love to know what information about Shark rotator nv752 I can assist you with, so don't forget to leave a comment for us.
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