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  • Hey there, sorry to blindside you with this. Basically, im looking for a team to join around manchester (im sure youve heard that more times than you care to think about).
    I live in oldham and cant seem to find anyone around here whose involved with teams. However, came across the forums earlier this week and saw dark warriors list of teams.
    From there got in touch with tommy'the gun'webb and hes pretty much sent me your way, would have messaged The Firm at the same time but there were no contacts.
    I play every saturday afternoon at Manc. Pball Arena in chadderton. Got my own gear - marker, webbing, mask, pods etc. and im serious about the sport - just cant seem to get my foot in the door.
    Thats pretty much the long and short of it so if you want a new recruit as it were then im eager to get involved.

    Thanks, PH
    how did malaga go mate ?
    are you open on sat 2nd may- I've got a pass out for a few hours - can you let me know asap - cheers
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