Certainly you've once heard of the term IQ test. They can be found in a lot of magazines. What is more, you can find them on the internet, simply by Googling this keyword 'IQ test'. You will get a page of various questions which fill your computer screen. You need to select the answers as quickly as possible. You will then submit the test and you will get the results. It is lucky if you to get a three-digit number and otherwise, a two-digit number. However you may be wondering what exactly the IQ test is. And what is that two- or three-digit number mean? In fact, IQ is the abbreviation of 'Intelligence Quotient' which indicate how intelligent you are. It is also known as an indicator of how well you can perform in a certain occupation and how well you can perform in school. The IQ tests are now widely used in the application of job or higher study.
Feb 20, 1990 (Age: 32)