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  • Missy, I think you'll find GiMilsim got it .... thats what I been told today and have also been asked to write a news item about it with some important insertions :)
    I'll speak to you on skype later to fill you in.
    I hope you are well Owen but it would be nice to have you back home mate ..... ya know you gotta eventually ..

    Hey Biggun,
    I'd be happy to send you some stickers etc. Just send me an address!
    ...and yes, the plan is to come over for Ged's 50th, and then play at the site on that saturday - I can't wait!
    Hopefully the 'usual' (as of 12 years go) crowd will be there. It would be great to see the old faces.
    Hope you and the good lady are keeping well
    I was wondering if you good send me some Badlands stickers for hoppers and kit boxes i did hear a whisper you may be paying us a flying visit is this true ?

    OK, if you're coming here to bitch about one of my posts, take a deep breath, and try to understand that I'm rarely serious, and probably meant no offence. I don't even argue my own point of view half of the time, I just post here to have fun, hand out the occasional wind-up, and ridicule peoples spelling.
    It's an internet forum after all, not a court-room, so chill out.

    And if you're not here to complain, what the hell are you doing here?
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