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    NXLE - Amsterdam

    If the weather had been nice, that Dam event would have been exceptional, and everyone would agree that it was a genius move to hold it there at this time of year. Same goes for Texas; 80% of the time that event would be glorious, and those are pretty good odds. You wouldn't get those odds on...
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    Hammer 7 markers modding

    you need a hammer7
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    Billy Ceranski Tells All .... well .... maybe not all but quite a bit actually.

    While it's undeniably true that poor weather seriously impacted paintball for the last couple of years in North America, and equally true that Gio is killing it and has pushed his numbers up through sheer hard work and dogged determination, it's worth pointing out that Gio operates in Southern...
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    NXL changes for next year

    You have to read between the lines...
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    All Change in the Hot Seat at Gi …..

    Ps. before I log in the pic is blurry. if I log in the pic becomes clear. maybe that helps?
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    All Change in the Hot Seat at Gi …..

    Pink Floyd Album cover. Now send me my money.
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    P8NT to return?!

    My Mrs is on the cover of the new book... haha
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    A new beginning ….

    If we had to name the top 'young talent' today - who would it be? Who is the next Ollie Lang? Could it be Cody Chong - The kid from Canada who just joined Infamous after playing with TMG last year in Pro, and Semi Pro this year with RC Seadogs? I hope so. I know Cody well and he has put in a lot...
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    Would you survive a Zombie Apocalypse at work for 12 months?

    Now that they are growing legal weed over here, they have these large compounds with high fences and razor-wire and killer security. These would now be a sensible locations to hide-out.... Plenty of land to grow crops, decent security and solid perimeter with CCTV footage, and as a bonus, tons...
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    GI layoffs

    In many ways, yes, although they are currently in receivership due to law suits relating to the families of the children shot in the Sandy Hook school shooting a few years ago... ....because Remington were obviously to blame for that.....
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    Would you survive a Zombie Apocalypse at work for 12 months?

    Interesting about the prison - Would you execute the prisoners right away, or would you try to live with the murderers and rapists and hope that they play ball and agree to tow the company line? Would you continue to feed them? My opinion - in a world where you have to trust the guy next to you...
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    GI layoffs

    New CEO quit. Went to Remington. Richmond is back in the chair as caretaker CEO.
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    What grinds your gears?

    Facebook Politickers
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    GI layoffs

    45 people, is what I heard.