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    Offering to buy via visitor message or pm is also against the forums rules.
    Hi matt im glad your bottle is all ok when i had my new bottle filled up the other week at H-pak it got really warm so i as the guy there and he said the same as you that they do get warm when filled, i was getting worried there lol. some good news mate i've got myself a dye rotor the other day off ebay dead chuffed with it there great arnt they? mind you i had to pay £92 for it though but its still cheeper than £129.99 lol.
    i'll be there in august mate its a really shame you carnt make the paintfest in july . Im not going to DW this weekend gutted.
    lol i now mate time to look for another barrel. I think i'll leave it till i go to paintfest in july and try and pick something one up there. just been looking at hoppers i like the dye rotors and the empire prophecy but the rotors are ment to be much better on battrey life. Again i might have to pick one up at paintfest as they sell really quick on the forums.
    looks like the un1techs are a bit hard to come by as they stopped making them now nightmare lol. i got my bottle fill yesterday and it looks ok mate i think it may have lost a little presure but not much but that may just be the presure setteling down so hopefuly its ok. thats one thing i've learnt to do now lol. hows your bottle doing mate?
    Hi Matt thanks for the info for the barrel mate i'll take a look at those now. i've heard good things about them to is that what you use on your proto?
    hi Matt hows it going mate? im off upto npf tomorrow morning to get some air put in it fingers crossed it works. i've changed the o ring in the fill nipple not an easy job though. i'll let you know how i get on mate. my new bottle tunred up yesterday its a little bit smaller and lighter than my other tank so thats good. i used BZ paintball and they were great thanks for recomending them . Im keeping my eyes open for a barrel now lol.
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