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    Spare gear

    Not really I was only after a frame tbh as mine had split. Still got some black bottoms on good condition. I can do £37all in. Please pm your details
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    Spare gear

    Ooo what would you be looking for for the mask, ears and screws please
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    Spare gear

    Not necessarily as Ive got 3 or 4 lenses. I don't suppose you've got any spare ears and screws that could form part of a deal?
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    Spare gear

    Does this come with the lens? What's the best price including all fees and shopping you can do. Happy to deal now
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    Spare gear

    Ta buddy
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    Markers & Masks Sale! Dye NT, Dye DM12, Luxe, MacDev Clone, Grills etc...

    Are the grillz still for sale. What lens do the come with. Any others lenses with them or available
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    Spare gear

    Any pictures of the jt frame. What condition is the foam please
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    EVS or CMD mask

    As per title I'm looking for either an Empire EVS or Bunkerkings CMD. Not too worried about colours. Let me see what you have and price please
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    JT Proflex Mask

    Are you still interested. I have s black bottom
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    JT proflex bits

    Not overly worried on colour though dark would be best. No idea what the going rate is so offer up with pics and I'll see
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    JT proflex bits

    Evening all. I'm after a JT top half that the lens fits into after mine suffered plastic fatigue and broke. Maybe some soft ears aswell if these come already attached
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    Anno work doing

    Very nice work. Credibility was never in doubt. I'm meant to be keeping costs down as im not playing much (kids) but I'm not inspired by the HDE 160R I recently picked up. I'd love to go back to my old colour scheme of magenta and anthracite
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    PE gtek 160r back cap rattle

    Even when I aired up the bolt release back cap still rattles around when fired. I believe that this is normal when not aired up but should not happen when aired up as the pin should push onto the plunger. Anyone from PE have a fix for this please
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    160R grips

    Don't worry ppl I've just realised that they don't fit as the 170 doesn't have the AT pipe :p
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    Freak shaft back

    Still available?