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  • Hi, i´am from czech republic and i will come cca. 03-28-2009 in Glasgow. I"ll here work 6 months. I would like paintball play. I play paintball 6 years, 3 years sport paintball. I have own marker- Eclipse Geo. Air system 3000 psi. I would like paintball train. Do you thing, so i may with you train? Sorry, my English is very very bad. Paintball i play better.
    Hey mate, soz can't reply on pm as box is full and on my phone, won't let me click the buttons.

    Anyway I'd prefer it all now. But if not ill take a 50 to 100 deposit and hold it till the end of the month till you pay the rest? Now, I know your a trust worthy guy but just with personal preference would prefer to hold till all the money is received as is commonly done. As if you don't want it ill be needing to sell it on the forums. Cheers. Let me know :) on a visitor message :p lol
    Sure thing, just shoot me a pm or add on msn if you need any info.
    (Hard to know me here as i've mostly been active on and the last 5-6 years.)
    just got the frames, in good nick,

    dont suppose you could tell mw how you change the frames...?
    lol cheers
    Hey, got a few questions about the shocker. Is the Attachment sutiable for 4500psi. Could you PM me please. thanks
    Arrived yesterday but was not in so i picked it up this morning. very well packed and super fast delivery. thanks!
    I will take the Halo shell off of you mate and the Speed feed.

    Let me know how you want the money, do not have Paypal though.

    But Big Sid will vouch for us so no worries
    hey man!

    got the barel today well happy with it! :)
    point me in rite direction to leave feed back plz?

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