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    Yeah I wondering if anyone was wanting to part with any
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    Still looking for a hk hostile wear headtie
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    Kit clear out

    Yeah I used it as a backup to my etha, bearing in mind I play in the woods as opposed to speed ball and that. And I live in a village near Tamworth
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    Kit clear out

    Yeah that's fine mate just pm me
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    Kit clear out

    Yes mate that's fine with me pm your details
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    Kit clear out

    Proto slg 08 works fine(£35) Ion feedneck custom parts(£5)Sold Empire peak think it's for v force grillz(£2)Sold GI Sports pod pack(£8)Sold Will do all for £40 prices exclude postage, willing for people to collect in Birmingham area
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    Freak kit

    Looking for a junior freak kit with barrels for a planet eclipse etha, looking to spend about £60 max.
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    Help Needed!!!

    My Proto Slg is leaking out of the back by the bleed button(through the holes on the back). I have checked the o rings and they're all fine so what else could be causing it?
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    Empire, Vanquish, Dye ,Vio,Sly - Bits for everyone

    What size are the slider shorts?
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    Kit Sale - Markers to Soft Goods

    How much for postage to B78 area for dye knee pads