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  • Hey read that your looking for a game? Riva Kidz are looking for players? Your the scottish dude right? As we have Liam and Ryan playing with us?
    Hey man, tried sending a PM but your inbox is full.

    Been told to give you a try, looking for a tan venomwear or snakestripe hb.

    Needs to be OG, 10oz denim etc etc.

    Needs to be with me before Friday, let me know if you can help :)

    Thanks man.

    Planet Eclipse
    Hi, my name is Lukas. I am from the Czech Republic. I went to Glasgow last week and I will work in Glasgow. I have been playing sport paintball in the Czech Republic about 3 years. I am interest in train with us. I have all necessary equipment. I look forward to your answer.
    Thaks you.
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