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  • I'm on my way home as I write this :(

    Sat in Charlotte Douglas International Airport abusing their wireless...

    What is this work that you speak of?! :/
    fish its a picture of the LIST ray uses face book to store his list i use a blackberry like device known as a FISH
    Hello rayko

    This may sound like a out of the blue question but i have been inform'd by eve and matt that you may have a vlocity kicking around in your kit bag.

    I was wondering if you would be up for a trade for a new reloader b that i was brought in malaga after some kid broke my vlocity. Its been used twice and works fine with no marks on the out side and comes with a speed feed and normal lid.

    Only reason i ask is because im playing xball in bulgaria in 3 weeks and i dont reali want to be using a hopper i cant stand.

    P.S if i dont reply to your pm's its because im on base but you can contact me on 07845090793.

    Hope your well
    regards bryan leaver
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